3 Design & Marketing Apps for Nonprofits on a Budget

We get it, not all Nonprofits have the resources hire a marketing or design team, that is why there are several super cheap (and even free) design apps out there to help you achieve all your marketing wants and needs. Take a look at what apps we think deserve to be in...

7 Tips for Starting or Growing Your Small Business

Hey, guys. Josh here. The sun is shining outside our downtown office in Plymouth, Indiana and it's officially Small Business Week 2018! This time last year, Recon Media was a very small agency and we'd just moved into our first official office on the other side of...

Why We Love Video Content

There are plenty of ways to get your ideas across to a customer, colleague, or leader. You could send an email. Make a phone call. Write a note on a Post-it. You could even write a song. All those are great in their own right, but when it comes to communicating a lot...

4 Rules You Should Break Right Now in Life and Business for 2018

  If you know me, you know I love breaking the rules. I've done it all my life. Sometimes in small ways, other times big. I especially love breaking the rules when it comes to business and marketing. There's no shortage of books and podcasts telling you exactly and...

5 Things Your Boss Needs to Know About Social Media

Whether you're the intern who's tasked with managing the company Facebook account or the Director of Communications trying to expand your reach, there's likely someone above you who needs to understand why it's not wasting time when you're retweeting posts on Twitter...

Dethroning the Content King

People say content is king. There have been multiple books written about it, and definitely a lot of blog posts, articles, and podcasts. Today, there's no shortage of content or content creators. Here’s the thing about the content you have at your fingertips: you...

3 Ways to Grow Your Social Media

Social media isn't going anywhere. It's as ubiquitous as text messaging and digital music. If you're still making excuses to not embrace it in your business, you're way behind the curve.You don't need to be an expert or power user to make a splash online for your...

6 Quick Tips for Amazing Videos

Sure, they say content is king. Don't use that as an excuse to crank out crappy videos. There was a time when the only people with good video cameras were the hobbyists and enthusiasts. There were the old shoulder rigs that you popped a VCR tape into and lugged...


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