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3 Tips for Working From Home With Kids

Mick is a self-admitted perfectionist, but he won’t apologize for it–sorry about that. Before his time with Recon, Mick managed an online commercial mortgage portal for five years. He is married to his college sweetheart, Shauna, and has two children, Emilie and Ari....

7 Tips for Starting or Growing Your Small Business

Hey, guys. Josh here. The sun is shining outside our downtown office in Plymouth, Indiana and it's officially Small Business Week 2018! This time last year, Recon Media was a very small agency and we'd just moved into our first official office on the other side...

The Great Facebook Algorithm Update Meltdown of 2018

What’s the hype about the latest Facebook algorithm update? Is it a good thing or bad thing for your business? How will it affect you?

Why We Love Video Content

Why We Love Video Content

There are plenty of ways to get your ideas across to a customer, colleague, or leader. You could send an email. Make a phone call. Write a note on a Post-it. You could even write a song. All those are great in their own right, but when it comes to communicating a lot...

Dethroning the Content King

Dethroning the Content King

People say content is king. There have been multiple books written about it, and definitely a lot of blog posts, articles, and podcasts. Today, there's no shortage of content or content creators. Here’s the thing about the content you have at your fingertips: you...

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