There are plenty of ways to get your ideas across to a customer, colleague, or leader. You could send an email. Make a phone call. Write a note on a Post-it. You could even write a song. All those are great in their own right, but when it comes to communicating a lot of information or trying to persuade someone to feel something specific about your idea, a video is the best method.

When we look at how video content is consumed by viewers compared to other forms of media, there’s no contest. It’s the clear winner. But why?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people love to view video content, and why we love producing it.

1. Videos give the whole picture

Because video content combines audio, video, and often text or graphics, it’s simply delivering more information in the same amount of time as other forms of content. A viewer can listen to it without watching, watch it with subtitles, or if it’s a video of puppies tripping over themselves, just watch it in silence and still react the way the video creator intended.

Well-done video content communicates new ideas, compels people to donate money to a cause, or encourages viewers to share it and commentate on it with their own opinions and thoughts. Here are some uses:

2. Videos for educating customers and staff

Ever tried to get a new system or process through to your team? Explaining how to do a complex task in a 1,247 word email isn’t the best way to help them. Either is a speech in the break room.

YouTube is a perfect example. While there are endless types of videos on YouTube, think of how many times you’ve gone there to watch how something is done. There are millions of how-to videos on YouTube, and that number is only going to continue to grow.

Businesses use them to showcase products, demonstrate their platforms to new customers, and train their staff on best practices and policies. Simply put, video content is a great way to teach people how to do things.

3. They’re accessible across platforms and screens

Consider the fact you can access the internet on literally just about any screen these days, and you’ll start to understand why video is huge. Phones, tablets, computers, TVs, smartwatches, digital billboards, in-store digital signage, etc., etc., etc.

It’s hard to get written copy to translate across platforms and device screen sizes. Audio is even more difficult, as there are screens not connected to a speaker. Digital signage or billboards, for instance.

Video content, on the other hand, is able to transcend some of these barriers and performs very well regardless of where it’s displayed.

4. They’re fun to make

Okay, this is just a selfish one, really. We love producing videos for our clients at Recon Media. It’s just fun! Learning about the client, their customers, and what they’re trying to accomplish is fun on its own. Storyboarding, shooting, and editing a video is a blast. The best part, though, is seeing the reaction it gets when it’s deployed on websites and social media.

Do you have a video strategy for your business? How are you incorporating visual storytelling into your overall marketing plan? Do you have the time and ability to produce quality video content?

These are questions you need to ask yourself and your team. As the saying goes,

There’s no time like the present!

Let us know if you’d ever like to chat about some creative video strategies for your business. It’s one of the things we love doing most for our clients, and we’ve always got room for you 🙂