“I don’t fail, I just learn. If you don’t become better after a difficult experience, it’s a waste. Take as much as you can and then give it away to the people around you.”

I’m Josh Walker, the founder and president of Recon Media. I’ve been helping others tell their stories through websites, video, and marketing materials for over 15 years.

I served in the Army as a Cavalry Scout in the 101st Airborne and deployed to southwest Baghdad in 2005. During my time in the military, I always had a camera (actually two) on me. I started to document my experiences for my own sake, but more for others to better understand war, the implications of conflict, and the impact it has on us as humans.

This combination of experience, creativity, technology, and storytelling has been deeply embedded in me for decades. I’ve carried these passions with me and apply them to everything I do, in business and life in general.

I believe in transparency and authenticity. In relationships. In business. In the creative process. In everything. I believe it’s imperative as business owners and managers to create brand cultures we’d want to work in ourselves. Brand cultures we’d want to interact with as a consumer. Do this with authenticity. Be you. Your brand should be your brand. Be empathetic to your audience.

I started Recon Media to serve companies just like yours. In my professional life, I’ve been on the very bottom of the corporate ladder, in the middle, and near the top. I’ve also led marketing teams in other organizations and truly understand the challenges you face when it comes to branding and marketing your company. In my years working for other companies, I continued seeing gaps in the branding and marketing spaces and how small businesses worked with agencies. That’s why I launched my own creative agency.

Too many small and medium-sized organizations don’t have access to quality research or marketing services. Thanks to fast-talking salesmen and crappy ad programs, businesses are wasting their marketing budgets and not getting actual results.

That’s where Recon Media comes in. We’re here to fill the void and offer you market and competitor research, brand development, marketing and advertising, and strategy development. We get to know your business and industry, develop a strategy around it, and then track and report on the efforts we deploy for your brand.

If you aren’t 100% happy with where your branding and marketing efforts are at, I’d love to help you take your company to the next level.

Founder & President

Founder & President


We watch out for your business interestes like Baxter watches out for squirrels.


We’re in business to help others. We focus on serving other veteran-owned businesses, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. We believe in giving back to our community and love working with others to affect positive change and disrupt norms.

We’ve never been the type to sit idly by and let things fall apart. We’re the first to jump in and get our hand dirty. Deadlines don’t scare us and we love a good challenge.


Recon Media intentionally works with non-profits and small businesses. Our founder Josh Walker saw a trend in these two distinct groups and knew the need had to be filled.

Most small businesses and non-profits don’t have an in-house marketing team. Recon Media fills that need by partnering with organizations to bring their goals to life through storytelling using video, social media, branding, and inbound marketing.

What we love

We love working to solve business and marketing problems for organizations. We’re a team of passionate, analytical, and creative people (and a dog) that truly believe in using our skills and resources to help make others better.

Just drop by sometime or meet one of us for coffee or a beer and you’ll see what we mean. Even Baxter loves making people happy!




Josh is a 101st Airborne Cav Scout combat veteran. He’s passionate about nonprofits, community development, and entrepreneurship. Josh consumes too much coffee and not enough vegetables (don’t tell mom!).

Josh loves data and creativity and combining the two. Pizza, bourbon, and playing open-mics with a rag-tag band of friends are fun, too.



Senior Account Manager

Mick has been called a perfectionist more times than he’d like to admit, but he won’t apologize for it; sorry. He has an incredible attention to detail in everything he does and loves problem-solving.

Mick has seen success as an account manager, website manager, sales executive, and content creator. When he’s not working, his passions include his family, Chicago sports, craft beer, playing bass guitar, and cinema.

Alex Pesak

Alex Pesak

Graphic Designer & Junior Developer

Alex is a design and marketing wizard hailing from UIndy who loves 3 things: Pinterest, her color-coded planner, and coffee.

She is a free-spirited designer who has an eye for branding and corporate identity development.

Although she’s very organized, her spontaneity can take over and take her different places like Canada, London, Scotland and Costa Rica!



Brand Strategist

Scott is a marketing specialist who has worked on both the agency and client-side of things. He began his career in PR with the White Sox and has since worked with many large and small agencies in Chicago, Minneapolis, and northern Indiana.

Scott helped launch a boutique Colorado ski manufacturer and served as marketing director for a clean energy startup company. He’s passionate about the power of imagination to inspire and motivate. Scott brings more than 20 years of brand-building experience to Recon Media.

Cole Reinhold

Cole Reinhold

Web Development Intern

This isn’t really Cole. It’s just a picture of an old PC.

Cole is actually a human who’s studying computer engineering at Manchester University in Indiana.

He’s a PC guy, so of course we make him use an iMac in the office 




Chief Happiness Officer

As the CHO, Baxter is in charge of the level of cuteness and fun in the office. He’s an AKC Golden Retriever, though at times acts more like a retired 72 year-old man. He takes up half the bed, doesn’t want to get up in the morning, and takes naps throughout the day.

He’s quick to make friends and has a severe case of FOMO. He loves the snow, running through creeks, and jumping off of boats. Obviously, the quickest way to his heart is a quick game of fetch. He also loves empty water bottles.

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