About Us

A Full Service Agency

Recon Media is a boutique creative agency based in Plymouth, IN. We are a 100% remote agency and have our team spread out all over Indiana. This allows us to have the best people on our team instead of relying on geography to dictate who we work with.

Recon Media was founded in 2016 by Josh Walker. What started as a dream eventually grew into a full-fledged agency, working with more than 120 clients all over the United States and Europe.

Over the last few years we’ve continued to adapt to changing market conditions, needs, and opportunities. Being a small agency enables us to remain flexible and dynamic, ultimately helping us help our clients even more.



Our Approach

Our Approach

We treat each client project with a unique and intentional approach. Every project has specific and varying requirements and goals, so we don’t do anything with a cookie cutter mindset.

Web design, social media content, and brand design have to be looked at from the perspective of the client, and more importantly, their audience. We hate mediocrity and stale work, so we love projects that keep us on our toes.

Generally, each project involves a discovery phase, enabling us to learn as much as we can about the project, the culture of the company, and objectives. Following that, we begin the design phase, followed by deployment.

Throughout the entire process, clients get regular weekly updates to ensure the project is always on track. We use a variety of tools to offer communication, transparency, and collaboration between Recon Media and our clients. 

Why Us

Why Brands Choose to Work With Us

Is it because we love tacos and margaritas just as much as the next person? Perhaps.

More likely than that, it’s the way we give each client the attention they deserve. When you work with Recon Media, we do our best to help your business thrive using marketing, creative content, and strategy.

It’s not enough to pay someone to crank out a cheap logo or post cookie cutter content on Facebook. We tailor our approach to each client project, ensuring it’s as focused and intentional as it should be.

Clients hire Recon Media to take the stress of marketing and communications off their plate. For some, this means building the website they’ve always wanted but didn’t think they could afford. For others, it’s getting to understand their brand culture and then designing a brand identity that truly captures that. And there’s the ongoing social media marketing that is often brushed aside.

Josh Walker

Founder & CEO

Josh is a 101st Airborne combat veteran, mental health advocate, and civic volunteer. He started Recon Media in 2016 after years of working with nonprofits and small businesses as a director of marketing, consultant, and freelancer.

Josh is the creative director and lead sales contact for Recon. He has two daughters, Soleil and Isla, with his wife Amy.

Josh loves systems, automation, and technolgoy that makes the world a better place.


Your culture is your brand. Let Recon Media make it a reality today.


Happy Clients

  • Nonprofits 52% 52%
  • Healthcare 23% 23%
  • Manufacturing 13% 13%
  • Food & Retail 12% 12%

Many of our clients are retainer or recurring clients. We place incredible value on the relationships we build as their marketing agency of choice.