Our Process

Is it a secret? Nope.

Our people are our secret sauce.


We learn about your brand, culture, and industry first. We perform a discovery phase to understand your challenges and business goals.


Next we design the plans and strategies we'll use to elevate your brand. We'll lay out milestones and objectives for your project.


Here we create the deliverables and assets for your project. You'll be getting proofs through our online proofing and approval platform.


Finally, we release it into the wild with joy and excitement. Your little bundle of joy has grown up and is ready to take on the world.


Your brand isn’t a logo. It’s not a business card. It isn’t even your company name. A brand is what people think of your organization. What they perceive to be true, whether it is or not. Because perception is greater than reality, we incorporate your mission, vision, objectives, and the “why” behind your organization into a brand strategy and style guide. This way you’ve got highly effective brand assets that are coordinated and well-planned with a strategy for implementation for years to come.

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is the second layer in your business, sitting on top of your business strategy. It’s the why and how of your marketing plans, followed by detailed tactics and a content calendar covering what you need to do, when, and how to get there. We help small businesses and nonprofits be successful in a sustainable way, achieving realistic business goals year after year, with smart marketing.


Does your website currently capture visitors’ attention in a matter of seconds? We’ll combine the unique story behind your brand and organization with a comprehensive planning and design approach to create a dynamic new website that sets you apart from your competition. We’ll also make sure it’s tracking all visitor activity so you can use analytics reports to make informed business and marketing decisions.


While there are quick wins to be had when you launch a campaign or overhaul a website, we are much more interested in helping support the 30,000ft view of your marketing efforts for your small business or nonprofit. What is integrated marketing? It’s when your website captures visitor information, your social media campaigns retarget those visitors, your email campaign consistently educates them about what you do, and it all comes together in a seamless customer experience. It’s based on the stuff we love: analytics, metrics, artificial intelligence, and automation. This is great since we’ve got some nerds in our agency.


Your prospective customers are on social media and they want to hear from you before and after they buy. They’re mentioning your brand in conversations with friends and colleagues. Are you part of the conversation? Being disconnected or off the grid is no excuse. If you’d rather be out on the trail or the beach, let us handle your customer-centric and media-based PR opportunities for you. We’ll help you look your best to journalists and reporters, too.


Even the greatest websites have print collateral to support them offline. We plan and design engaging print pieces and marketing collateral to help tell your story, raise awareness, educated customers, or generated leads. We believe in consistent branding, messaging, and strategic calls-to-action.


Email marketing continues to evolve each year. By targeting your marketing messages, creating consistent email content calendars, leveraging automated email responders and information-rich drip campaigns, and testing and analyzing the results, we create dynamic email campaigns. Leverage your existing customer list and grow your prospects with targeted email marketing using dynamic content.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine what a great video can do for your brand. WE help clients plan, storyboard, shoot, and edit one-off videos and full video campaigns for our clients. Whether it’s a product video, how-to, trainging, tutorial, promo, or even a mini-documentary, we love creating video content for brands to help tell their stories.


Are your marketing and advertising dollars being spent in the right places? We understand exactly what is needed to ensure you have a sustainable and cost-effective digital presence. From SEO (search engine optimization) to PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, we optimize your campaigns around metrics that maximize your ROI—so that you can get back to running your organization and not worrying about the latest algorithms. Leave that part to us!