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24/7 monitoring, nightly backups, and weekly reports?

You’ve got a great website. Make sure it stays that way.

Whether Recon Media built your WordPress website or someone else did, you need to make sure you keep it secure, clean, tidy, and fast.

Just like your car, house, or even your dog, you need to do certain things to keep your website in tip-top shape. Over time, your website slows down due to database updates (or lack thereof!), large image and video files, and more. It can also be susceptible to hacks and malware, and you probably don’t even know it.

We offer a variety of WordPress website care plans that cover security and regular maintenance to get your site back into shape and then keep it that way. You always take care to change the oil in your care and update your iPhone iOS. You need to do the same with your website, especially after you’ve invested so much time, effort, and money in it.

Think of Recon Media as that annoying fitness coach who’s always making sure you’re eating healthy and showing up to the gym on time. But for your website.

Recon Media Premium WordPress Care Plan


Blazing fast hosting servers

Our websites are on their own virtual private server that is tuned specifically for WordPress sites.


Nightly Cloud Backups

We do full and secure nightly backups so you never have to worry about losing your site again.


Weekly website health report

We’ll email you each Monday with updates on the performance, blocked IP addresses, SEO, and more of your site.

Weekly Google Analytics Report

Every Monday morning get a report showing how many visitors you’re getting, where they’re coming from, and more.


Uptime Monitoring

We’re watching to make sure your site is live 24/7. We’re notified immediately if it’s down so we can jump into action.

Security monitoring

We’re keeping an eye out for suspicious activity, attempted hacks, and suspected malware.

Disaster Recovery

If your site goes down, we’ll restore the most recent backup. This is usually in less than 1 hour.

Malware Removal

If we discover malware on your site, we will remove it and restore the site to it’s most recent backup.

Wordpress Core updates

You should always be running the latest release of WordPress to ensure the best security.

Theme updates

We’ll keep your theme files up-to-date to ensure the best viewing and editing experience.

Plugin Maintenance

The plugins that add extra functionality to yoru site will be updated by our team each month.

Technical Support

We provide our clients with technical support and emergency updates for those close-calls.

Recon Media Website Care Plans

Stop trying to search for old passwords, figure out where you site is hosted, or when your domain is expiring.

Security? We’ve got you covered.

Nightly backups and 24/7 uptime monitoring? Done.


Recon Standard Care Plan

Nightly website backups
Private virtual server, never shared
Server-side caching
SSL Certificate
Intelligent IP address blocking
Malware monitoring & removal
Disaster recovery
Standard technical support



Recon Media Standard Care Plan. Once we've received your first payment, you will receive an email with onboarding instructions for next steps.

Recon Premium Care Plan

Everything in Standard Care Plan
Monthly Google Analytics reports
Monthly Website Health Reports
WordPress core updates
Monthly plugin and theme updates
Private Recon/client Slack channel
Premium technical support



Premium monthly managed website hosting fee. After we've received your first payment, you will receive an onboarding email with instructions for the next steps.
Or enter your payment details below

Recon Turnkey Website Plan

Everything in Premium Care Plan
Dedicated account manager
Full WordPress website creation
Up to 10 pages
E-commerce integrations
On-page SEO 
Private Client Dashboard
No startup costs
Own it after 24 months



Monthly Virtual Care & Consulting Plan. After we've received your first payment, you will receive an email with onboarding instructions and next steps.
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Recon Media One-time tune-up

Performed within 24 hours
Increase site speed and performance
Decrease page weight
Optimize all images for 2019 standards
Update sitemap.xml file to latest version
Set up 24/7 malware monitoring
Optimize CSS and Javascript
SEO and metadata tune-up
Final Website Health Report

$299 one-time


Website One-time Tune-up. After we've received your payment, you will receive an email with instructions and the list of info we'll need from you in order to get started.
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Core updates

You might remember to update your plugins and theme files, but don’t forget about the actual WordPress installation. Or the PHP version or the database.

When we host and take care of your site, you can rest easy all the little details are being taken care of. We make sure there isn’t a single cobweb or speck of dust.

Your site will be so fresh and clean you could eat off it!



Regular updates of all core WordPress files


Automated backups prior to every WordPress core update


Regular updates of all plugins and the active theme


Technical support


Security montitoring

There are some mean people out there who like to break things just for the sake of breaking them. 

Our security monitoring service utilizes intelligent IP address blocking for would-be hackers, malware monitoring and removal, and vulnerability identification.

Let us stay up at night worried about these things. 

You can relax knowing your site is safe and secure.



Nightly full backups to offsite, secure AWS servers


Free SSL certificate


Automated email notification regarding warnings & issues


Free malware removal


Website uptime monitoring


Technical support


Website Reporting

Our website health report gives you an update on your overall site heath. Things like overall site speed, uptime monitoring, plugin issues and recent updates, and more.

Our Google Analytics report give you regular insight into the traffic your website is gaining, where it’s coming from, and what people are searching for to find it.

Your Google Analytics report includes the data and information that’s important to you, and in an easy-to-decipher format.


SEO health status


Site speed and uptime


Blacklist monitoring


IP Lockouts


Google Analytics Dashboard


Technical support


Wordpress Care Plans FAQ

What if Recon didn't build my site?

No worries at all! We can transfer your WordPress website to our state-of-the-art servers that are tuned specifically for WordPress websites.

Whether we built your site or not, we can certainly help keep it safe, secure, and speedy.

How will I transfer my site to Recon?

First of all, you won’t need to lift a finger. We’ll do all the heavy lifting.

All we’ll need from you is your current WordPress website login information. That’s normally enough for us to do our thing.

Occasionaly, we may need FTP access as well, but will let you know if that’s the case.


What will you need from me to get started?

Once you’ve signed up for the care plan that best fits you, you’ll receive an email welcoming you to the Recon Media family! This email will have details about your plan, how to send us the info we’ll need to get started, and anything else that’s important.

If your care plan includes a private Recon Media Client Portal, you will also receive an email within 24 hours that has your login information so you can access your dashboard.

How long till I see an improvement in speed?

Because we need to optimize everything from your individual core files to your theme, plugins to your CSS and javascript, it can take from one day up to a week.

This is because we are careful to ensure there is zero downtime during the process and we make sure it’s done right.

Why do I need a WordPress Care Plan?

You’re busy running your business and your life. You really don’t have the time or energy to worry whether your site is down, or researching the latest plugin update at 1am in the morning.

WordPress websites require monitoring and maintenance just like any other business investments. Having the peace of mind that your site is back up securely every 24 hours is nice, too!

In the event your site does go down, we will initiate the Disaster Recovery protocol and restore it to it’s full glory.

Can you tune up my site on another host?

Absolutely! You don’t have to have Recon Media as your host for us to perform the tune-up.

All we will need is administrative login to your WordPress website on your host.

What is the usual response time?

This varies based on the time and day, but we typically are able to respond within a couple of hours to let you know we’ve received your subscription order.

Generally, we will have you fully up-and-running within 24 hours upon your initial order.

Your WordPress website backups will happen each night, and we monitor incoming support requests daily and on weekends.

Our team is normally able to respond to those requests within 4 hours or less. Bigger support issues may take 24 hours to resolve.

How do you handle Care Plan billing?

For efficiency and avoiding any interupption in service, the preferred method is that you sign up for a monthly subsription above that takes one less think off your plate to remember.

You may also opt to have Recon Media email you an invoice each month and then send a check.

How are these different from my host?

Have you ever called GoDaddy to try and get help?

We handle all the support related issues for your domain and website so you don’t have to. This means ensuring your site is always up-to-date and secure or your domain isn’t going to expire and lapse.

We offer our Care Plan clients peace of mind by having everything under one roof. When you’ve got Recon Media managing your site and keeping it tidy, you only have one point-of-contact to worry about and we’ll never try to upsell you when you contact us.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We bill our Care Plan clients on a recurring monthly subscription. There are no contracts, setup fees, or cancellation fees with our monthly WordPress Care Plans.

Our clients retain us each month because we’re WordPress experts and they know we’ve got their back when it comes to their websites.