WEbsite Maintenance

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be getting organized around the house and office in a few weeks. It always feels great to get things back in order after a long winter, doesn’t it?

This spring, don’t forget about your website!

Just like the motor in your car (don’t forget that oil change!) and the AC unit for your home (summer’s coming ūüôĆ), your website¬†needs regular technical maintenance. It can save you money and keep visitors happy.¬†

While it may look fine on your computer, it likely could use some cleaning up under the hood. To start helping clients with this, here are a few custom services to help speed things up and keep them secure.


One-time tune-up

  • Increase site speed and performance
  • Optimize images for 2019 standards
  • Increase security measures
  • Optimize CSS and Javascript
  • SEO tune-up
  • Final Website Health Report


Weekly website health report

  • Includes One-time Tune-up
  • SEO health
  • Speed and performance
  • Updated or broken plugins
  • Security status
  • Uptime, and more
  • 6 month minimum committment


Managed Hosting

  • Private virtual server, never shared
  • Server-side caching
  • Tuned for WordPress sites
  • SSL Certificate
  • Nightly website backups
  • Intelligent¬†IP address blocking
  • Malware monitoring & removal
  • 6 month minimum committment
  • Includes One-Time Tune-Up and Weekly Website Health Reports


Need something a little stronger than that?

Let’s chat about a website project to get your brand back where it should be: looking great in front of your audience. Click to fill out your project planner now.