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Website Process

In 12-16 weeks, we’ll take your website from zero to hero.


1. Kickoff & Discovery

60-minute meeting to finalize scope, timeline,
and logistics

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2. Sitemap developed

We’ll prepare the final sitemap and menu
hierarchy for the project

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3. Prepare Content

You’ll send the content for your website via
a Google Drive folder we setup for you

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4. Content Review

We’ll proof, amend, and finalize the content
you sent us 


5. Wireframes & Styling

We’ll send you the wireframes and styling
ideas in a mood board


6. Styling Review

We’ll meet for up to an hour to discuss
styling direction and wireframes

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7. Homepage delivered

We’ll send you the homepage mockup and
styling for review and approval

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8. Revisions

We’ll revise the homepage based on your
feedback and finalize the design

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9. Internal pages

We’ll begin work on the internal pages of
the website

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10. Revisions

We’ll revise the homepage based on your
feedback and finalize the designs

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11. Website Review

We’ll meet for up to an hour to go through
the entire website

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12. Final invoice

Once you’re happy, we’ll send you the final
invoice for the project

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13. Style Guide

We’ll put together a style guide for your
new website


14. Launch

We’ll package up the deliverables, write documentation, and take the puppy live


15. Celebrate

Time to kick back and appreciate your shiny
new website

Ready to plan your new website?